• Erp question paper

    Erp question paper

    Searching for sample Question Papers??? Good Bye to hard work and Hai to smart work Post a Comment. IT — Enterprise Resource Planning.

    Define ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning ERP covers the techniques and concepts employed for the integrated management of businesses as a whole, from the viewpoint of the effective of management resources, to improve the efficiency of an enterprise. What is an Enterprise? An enterprise is a group of people with a common goal, which has certain resources at its disposal to achieve that goal.

    When used generically, an enterprise is defined as the aggregate of all functional elements participating in a business process improvement action, regardless of the organizational structure housing those functional elements. It is a complete business consisting of functions, divisions or other components used to accomplish specific objectives and defined goals.

    What are the main misconceptions about ERP? Even though computers and IT are integral parts of an ERP system, ERP is primarily an enterprise-wide system, which encompasses corporate mission, objectives, attitudes, beliefs, values, operating style and people who make the organization.

    MRP became the fundamental concept in s. At this stage BOM Bill of materials was the prevailing trend. It further got unfolded as ERP II and now it has resulted in ERP, which is the concept of enterprise-wide planning of resources and is not limited to any particular segment of the industry. What are ERP packages? ERP software is designed to model and automate many of the basic processes of a company, from finance to the shop floor, with the goal of integrating information across the company and eliminating complex, expensive links between computer systems that were never meant to each other.

    Who are the main players in the ERP market? ERP software is a mirror image of the major business processes of an organization, such as customer order fulfillment and manufacturing. What are the reasons for the explosive growth of the ERP market? What are the direct benefits of ERP systems?

    Why is it said that ERP systems are flexible? Different languages, accounting standards can be covered in one system, and functions that comprehensively manage multiple locations of a company can be packaged and can be implemented automatically. To cope with company globalization and system unification, this flexibility is essential. What is cycle time? Cycle time is the time between receipt of the order and delivery of the product.

    The reason why ERP packages are referred as being integrated is the automatic data updation automatic data exchange among applications that takes place between related business components.

    Since conventional company information systems were aimed at the optimization of independent business functions in business unite, almost all were weak in terms of communication and integration of information that transcended in different business functions.

    In case of ERP packages, the data of related business functions is also automatically updated at the time a transaction occurs. For this reason, one is able to grasp business details in real time, and carry out various types of management decisions in a timely manner, based on that information.By Mandy Richardson.

    So you have an ERP interview lined-up, congratulations! Do you know what kind of ERP interview questions to expect? If not, have no fear, we have compiled 9 of the top ERP interview questions for you! We also have included tips from our top recruitment consultants on how to answer the questions and how to ace your ERP interview.

    If you have experience in more than one, be sure to make a list of your accomplishments using those systems. This will be among the most likely of ERP interview questions, so be ready to have that information at hand. This may be asked after you have explained which systems you have experience in. Be able to explain a bit about the successes you have had during your implementation s.

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    Being motivated by challenges is a top skill to have. You should describe an eagerness to learn and try new things. After this, you can go on to talk about challenges which you have met previously, if relevant.

    Your interviewer may also ask about your experiences handling challenges and difficulties. Your interviewer is seeking a direct answer to understand what it is you are good at and how this will benefit the company. Concentrate on strengths such as:. Assuming you are familiar with the system that the company is running — think of a plan ahead of time. How can you assist in streamlining their ERP operations? Are there any mistakes that you may have learned from that could help them avoid a problem?

    Interviewers will be looking for specific examples of projects you worked on and your success in those positions. Of the many ERP interview questions you may be asked, this one might be the most important. Some of the most-desirable qualities for an ERP professional are resourcefulness, problem-solving, team work, and communication skills.

    Choose relevant examples which highlight your leadership skills from your work history to answer the question. Always research the company to which you are applying. Be knowledgeable on any big news and demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding of what the company does.

    Keep your explanation brief, and elaborate if asked further questions on the topic. How should I answer competency-based questions? Prospective employers will be judging your body language from the moment you step through the door to the moment you leave. Now that you have read through our top 9 ERP interview questions, you will be ready for a successful interview.

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    What are your thoughts — did we cover the major ERP interview questions? Let us know in the comments if you have recently interviewed for an ERP position and what kind of questions you were asked. Washington Frank is a third party recruiting firm and not affiliated with ServiceNow, Inc. By continuing to use this website, we will assume you are happy to receive carefully selected cookies.

    Do you accept these cookies and the processing of personal data involved?Our experts have carefully maintained exam structure, syllabus, topic weights, cut score and time duration same as actual SAP Financial Accounting Certification Exam. We have prepared question bank for this practice exam with the help of experts' domain knowledge and collective feedback received from recently certified candidates. We collect latest updates from these candidates to prepare the best quality questions for the practice exam.

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    erp question paper

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    They have good selection of questions and pattern is very similar to actual certification exam. Thanks Guys!! Live Testimonials. Skip to main content Skip to search. Login links. Primary menu.From Self to Others. With our long journey and extensive engagement in providing SAP solutions across multiple industries, we have gone through many ups and downs, and gained multiple skills and competencies in various domains of SAP Technology.

    erp question paper

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    erp question paper

    Terms and Conditions. About Us. Join Us. Contact Us. All trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, product names and logos appearing on the site are the property of their respective owners. The site www.Tally Online model Test Paper Free Tally Online Test. Now scroll down below n check. This is a Tally ERP. Tally is not only a mathematical sheet it is balance between the two account when first account debited then also another account it ill be credited.

    This test is very helpful for all govt. These tests help you identify potential areas of improvement so that you can master all the modules build into Tally. ERP 9.

    erp question paper

    Online Test is very useful for exam preparation, by using below online test you may test your whole study and also know that how much you are prepared for Tally Exams. This is nice post. I am also contributing more question and answers about Computer Knowledge. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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    ERP Question Paper

    Sir tally me exyam hota hai tab result milta hai Oh bhee online ccc ke tarah. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Go to Test.Please join StudyMode to read the full document.

    Some of the purposes are — Seeking or receiving information, encouragement, control, selling proposals, confrontation. Talking to different levels within the hierarchy — to individuals, to groups, to departments — and externally to customers, suppliers, vendors, and other professionals.

    Using both formal communication - Meetings, reports, proposals, notices; and Informal communication - counselling, advising, talking to other employees. Working in different roles: as Chairman, project leader, analyst, subordinate, and colleague.

    Evaluating communications: are they facts, opinions, gossip. Building up networks to obtain real information which may be given freely or concealed — which means you need to ask the right questionsor else you will find yourself drowned in data but starved of information.

    Various channels of communication: Organisational communication can be External Communication and Internal Communication. Internal Communication is within the organisation, whereas, External Communication is the communication with the external stakeholders of the organisation. The importance and the purpose of the communication in organisation have been explained above.

    Communication in organizations uses two basic channels — formal and informal. Both are important and both carry messages — sometimes reinforcing and sometimes conflicting — throughout the organisation. Formal channels are ones which have been set up by the organisation Nonetheless ERP received much attention in contrast to other systems all because of more efficient, reliable and support in decision making with the organisation modules.

    ERP is certain combined of different applications which maintain business activities such as order management, cash, purchase orders, production, and payroll of employees, accounting, and logistics and so on.

    Moreover to reduce operating cost, improving customer services like value added services, to raise productivity, many organizations invoke ERP packages.

    ERP system Advantages for an Organization Small and Mid-sized organizations are implementing ERP solutions to manage the business plan and efficiencies in productive manner. Reduce the response time with the help of transfer related information of business work. Streamline most of the functions performed within an organization or outside the organization as a unit. Accelerated important decision making in a company which Name top 5 companies who provide such system also enlist the capability of these systems.

    Match up to different vendor who provide each type of systems with high opinion to the functionalities and capability of these system. ANSWER: Transaction Processing Systems TPS are basic business systems that carry out and support daily routine transactions at level I please see Preface for foreword to Requisite association, if you are not familiar with the notion of requisite band.This blog post has not been written to promote ourselves, but rather advise you in your journey to a successful ERP implementation.

    BAASS Business Solutions customer-centric, collaborative approach has enabled us to expand our team and office locations throughout the years.

    Our success has been built on a simple formula - deliver what we promise and build long-term win-win relationships. We hope these questions will help you in your search for the perfect ERP business partner. How many successful ERP installations have you performed? ERP implementation can be a complex and sometimes unpredictable undertaking. Any consultant you hire for the project should be well experienced with years of expertise so that they are equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

    Who is your ideal customer? ERP software is an effective way to manage your business or organization but not all solutions will be a match to your particular industry, company size, revenue, etc. Finding a consulting firm that fits your company persona is important. They should know your industry and have worked with companies similar to yours in order to provide you the most effective software solution possible.

    Describe your consulting resources. How many full-time consultants do you employ, and are they qualified? A consulting firm is only as good as its consultants.

    Sometimes you can request for either a junior or a senior consultant. Price may vary if this option is available to you. Ensure the firm has enough bandwidth to allow them to respond to your needs on a timely basis. How will I know if the software will fit my business requirements? We suggest that you have a needs analysis performed first. Before you look at any software solutions you must first understand where the issues lie.

    Sometimes you may not even realize areas that could be more effective. For this process, allow an outside consultant to interview your employees.

    This will help you discover where time could be saved and effectiveness could be improved.


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